Should You Put Snow Tires On Your Audi?

Audi's iconic quattro all-wheel-drive system is known to command through all types of weather - rain, sleet, or snow an Audi can power through it. In 1980, quattro became the first permanent all-wheel-drive system designed for passenger vehicles. At the time, the technology also known as four-wheel drive was used mainly in racing and offroading. quattro technology is available across all Audi model series, and Audi Q7, Audi R8, Audi A4 allroad, Audi A6 allroad and all S and RS models are only available with all-wheel-drive.

Now, worldwide, about 44 percent of Audi customers choose to buy a quattro vehicle. If you’re not familiar with the quattro system, what it does is intuitively send power to the wheels with the best traction during wet-weather conditions. When you’re turning corners, the torque vectoring brakes the inside wheels while transferring torque to the outside wheels, which helps with handling. I've noticed people on various forums asking whether or not they need to put snow tires on their Audi.

Because winter is around the corner, I'm sure many of you are probably wondering the same thing, especially if you're a new Audi owner. Some people think that having quattro is enough, but it really all depends on the area you’re in or traveling to. If you’re dealing with icy and snowy conditions on a regular basis, then putting snow tires on is highly recommended. Winter tires overall just have better traction for stopping on snowy roads. - See more at: http://www.audiblog.info/2015/10/should-you-put-snow-tires-on-your-audi.