Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow: retro-electric concept


New Merc EQ Silver Arrow concept is a 740bhp all-electric racer with retro inspiration; and has made an appearance at the Paris Motor Show This is the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow. A futuristic take on the legendary W 125 Grand Prix racing car from 1937 which has made its Paris Motor Show debut.

More specifically, the concept is based on the W 125 Rekordwagen – a streamlined, experimental derivative of the racer. It set the world land speed record on a public road with a 269mph sprint in 1938, a feat only bettered in 2017 by Koenigsegg.

The streamlined shape and profile of the concept, complete with a bubbled cockpit, huge bonnet and vertical tailfin, is lifted almost wholesale from the past. However, there are plenty of modern and futuristic twists to the design. For instance the front end of the car is completed with a proper carbon-fibre splitter, while the nose is adorned with a full-width LED headlight strip.