BMW is standing behind its polarizing design decision on the 4 Series. Love it or hate it, the big grille is here to stay for the foreseeable future despite feedback that, from our perspective through articles and social medial comments, has been decidedly unfavorable. We've seen plenty of artist renderings that offer fictional solutions, and while the images here are technically renderings, they show designs that might actually come to life.

This isn't a BMW redesign, however. A video from German-based tuner Prior-Design previews several different ideas for changing up the new M4's face. They all show us a coupe that swaps the big double kidney for something much smaller, including one head-on view that essentially steals the grille from the larger M8. The crux of the designs, however, offer unique makeovers that embody the essence of the new M4 without the controversial grille.

Prior-Design isn't a stranger to the world of body kits. The company has a portfolio of products that cover everything from American brands like Ford and Dodge, to Italian supercars and German super sedans. That's what makes these M4 updates so alluring, because we're not looking at a flight-of-fancy but something that should eventually be available to purchase. Once designs are finalized, swapping a front fascia isn't that hard, and all the designs appear to retain the stock M4 hood and fenders. The various interpretations also include minor variations to vents on the lower portion of the fascia – another design element some find controversial on the stock M4 – but all completely ditch the big grille.

Against the tape measure the new Z4 comes in at 85mm longer than its predecessor (at 4,324mm), 74mm wider (now 1,864mm) and 13mm taller (1,304mm). The images also confirm that this Z4 has a folding fabric roof (it opens in around 10 seconds), eschewing the aluminium hard-top of the outgoing generation on grounds of complexity, cost and weight. The new car’s total kerb weight is said to be around 50kg lighter than the car it replaces. The Z4 range is made up of three models: the sDrive20i, sDrive30i and flagship M40i. The entry-level models both use a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine developing 196bhp and 256bhp respectively – that’s a 13bhp increase over the outgoing model.